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Hali Love

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Hali is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 10,000 hours of logged training hours with The International Yoga Alliance, SR Counsellor, wife, mom, step-mom and brave soul who packed up her life in Canada 11 years ago to pursue her dream of opening a retreat centre in Costa Rica, now known as Playa Negra Yoga Retreat. 


As a global change warrior, Love is on a mission to ignite powerful shifts, promote tools to achieve sustainable inner-peace and awakened self awareness within all those she works with.

Hali offers a plethora of yoga and personal development based programs from her home in beautiful Costa Rica.  You can join her at her retreat center, virtually or take your own curated program.  Hali's goal is to support you throughout your journey in any way possible. 

Unleash your greatest potential.

Are you ready to live your best life?

Retreat with Hali in Costa Rica OR Virtually!

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Connect to your most powerful you.

Yoga  Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training 

Scholarships &  Financing Available!

"One of the most comprehensive yoga experiences in the world."

25 - 500 Hour Programs Held in Costa Rica & Virtually.


Is the highest vibration.

As a forever student of yoga and life, I am grateful to my amazing family, friends and teachers.  I believe that expressing gratitude is one of the most powerful daily practice we can do.  Give it a try. Close your eyes, place your left hand over your heart, and your right hand over your left.  Take a deep breath in and out., and think of one thing you are grateful for.  Pause for a moment and connect to the magical energy of gratitude.


Discover. Release. Create.

Visit each program to discover great promotions!  

  • 6 Bodies

    This self study program will guide you through Love's 6 Bodies theory with the goal to connect you to yourself in a deeper way than ever before!  Program includes a theory book, 6 downloadable live meditations and a plethora of personal development tools used to recognize old, stuck patterns, as well as to create new healthy, abundant patterns.


  • New You

    Get clear, re-focus, and set goals with this 4-week Personal Development Program that will support you to connect with, and create powerful goals for each of the 6 areas of life: Love, Health, Wealth, Self Image, Career, and Creation.


  • Personal Evolution

    A 3 Month Personal Development Program where you will dive deep into your emotional healing.  You will leave this program with a greater awareness as to how your emotions work, and a plethora of tools you can use to heal and sustain emotional balance.

  • Personal Development


    Become a personal development facilitator.  Experience all of the personal development tools, learn how to coach your clients and build your Coaching Business! A 5 month Integrative Health Coach Institute Program.

Hear what students are saying

"My yoga teacher training with Hali Love was transformational. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is awe-inspiring. She leads by example and brings her truest self forward in every moment.  I discovered the importance of self-love and healing through emotional expression and communication. With Hali’s close guidance, I explored yoga beyond just the physical practice and learned how to realign my mind, body, and soul." Josie J. Montreal Canada

My experience with Hali was the most life changing experience I have ever gone through.  Not only did she give me the tools to recognize when I am living from my story but she taught me how to step out of that story and love myself free of judgment.  Hali coaches from a place of love, acceptance and inspiration and I must say I have truly been inspired". Melissa Shelton  Colorado USA

My retreat with Hali was life changing.  My hope in going was to hit the "reset" button after a difficult marriage of 23 years and divorce which left me feeling like a hollow shell. Hali's coaching offered me a safe haven, and an opportunity to gain understanding and acceptance of the many events of my past that have molded my point of view of myself." Lori Banks  Alberta Canada

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