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Hali Love, ERYT 500+ has been in the world of health and wellness since 2007. Having over 40,000 hours of yoga training and years of post -secondary education in western psychology, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Love is highly equipped to support and guide you through your journey.  Her purpose is to hold space, support and loving guide.

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Throughout my 20+ year career in yoga and Ayurveda, owning three yoga studios, two retreat centres in Costa Rica, and having mentored thousands of yoga teachers, students and studio owners, I continue to be in awe of both the connecting and healing powers of yoga and Ayurveda.  We are not connected by coincidence, we connect to fulfil our Dharma. Magic happens when we align with purpose. ~ Hali Love

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"Hali is a wise, relatable and skillful coach who's mentored me as a yoga teacher, business owner, and woman on a quest to heal. She advises from her personal journey and many educational modalities that have helped me penetrate shame, feeling "bad", and an inability to move forward. Above all, my favorite quality is her ability to be direct and real. Work with her, your future self will thank you!" 


Allie A. Florida USA

"Hali did an incredible team development and growth session for my team at OpenTable / KAYAK. She is a fantastic facilitator, and knows how to use personal growth tools into a way that helps build and bond a team, while also learning more about yourself. She creates a safe environment for people to learn and grow. Hali equipped each of us with skills to use both inside and outside of the workplace. It was an amazing and fun session, I’d highly recommend her to any team!"

Amy Sadek, Australia 

Hali Love Corporate Coaching Testimonial

"My personal healing retreat with Hali was life changing.  My hope in going was to hit the "reset" button after a difficult marriage of 23 years and divorce which left me feeling like a hollow shell. Hali's coaching offered me a safe haven, and an opportunity to gain understanding and acceptance of the many events of my past that have molded my point of view of myself." 

Lori Banks Alberta Canada



Yoga Nidra combines the power of biofeedback, visualization, meditation and energetic healing. The extensive healing and therapeutic impact of Yoga Nidra has been widely accepted by health professionals and has been adopted in many hospital settings and integrative medical services across North America. Restorative yoga is obtaining true "rest" with propped yoga asana.

Sept 14 - 28, 2021


Join us for your 200 Hour Foundations Yoga Teacher Training, where you will learn how to effectively teach vinyasa, hatha, gentle yoga and power yoga.  Our schedule is flexible, offering live virtual classes, and study at your own pace assignments.  Virtual meetings will be recorded incase you need to miss one (or more!).  Meet ups will take place on alternate weekends and evenings.​

Oct 9 - Dec 21, 2021


Join us for your Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training!  Dive into the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and learn how to structure dynamic yin yoga sequences, and how to incorporate the meridians into your yang styles of yoga.

Oct 16  - 20, 2021

If you are a student looking to connect to your practice on a deep level, or a teacher wanting to enhance their career I have some great options coming up.  You can participate in these trainings virtually or in person at my retreat centre in Costa Rica. If you are a student only, please message me about a special student immersion discount.  All trainings are registered with The International Yoga Alliance.~ Hali Love
Hali Love Yoga
Hali Love Yoga
Hali Love Yoga
Hali Love
hali love

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