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To empower and support.

"As an entrepreneur, mom, wife, ERYT500, Subconscious 
Restructuring Counsellor and a woman who has lived an adventurous life rich in experiences (some positive, and some not so much), it is my passion to empower you, inspire you, support you and guide you through your journey in any way I can.   
I believe that anything is possible when it comes to creating healthy relationships with ourselves and with others. It is my goal to live by example, and share my tools to live an empowered life. I look forward to connecting with you soon. 
Much love: Hali"

Let's Journey Together!


Join us virtually for your 200 Hour: Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle and Power Yoga Teacher Training OR Your Advanced YTT!​

Enjoy a stress-free, flexible schedule.  Financing is available.

OCTOBER 22 - DECEMBER 30, 2020

Living in a Virtual World.

Are you looking​ for online programs?
My partners and I share a passion in health and wellness.  
We have worked together for years creating curated online programs designed to light up your personal and professional life!  Programs for self development,  and wellness coach training are available, as well as programs to launch or enhance your career.  We look forward to working with you soon!


"My yoga teacher training with Hali Love was transformational. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is awe-inspiring. She leads by example and brings her truest self forward in every moment.  I discovered the importance of self-love and healing through emotional expression and communication. With Hali’s close guidance, I explored yoga beyond just the physical practice and learned how to realign my mind, body, and soul." Josie J. Montreal Canada

My experience with Hali was the most life changing experience I have ever gone through.  Not only did she give me the tools to recognize when I am living from my story but she taught me how to step out of that story and love myself free of judgment.  Hali coaches from a place of love, acceptance and inspiration and I must say I have truly been inspired". Melissa Shelton  Colorado USA

My retreat with Hali was life changing.  My hope in going was to hit the "reset" button after a difficult marriage of 23 years and divorce which left me feeling like a hollow shell. Hali's coaching offered me a safe haven, and an opportunity to gain understanding and acceptance of the many events of my past that have molded my point of view of myself." Lori Banks  Alberta Canada

May you be loved  May you be free  May you be well