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May you be happy.  May you be healthy. May you be free. May you be loved. 

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“Hali has taught me that I am my greatest teacher. What I really appreciated about Hali's coaching is that she did not tell me what to do she presented the tools and then it was up to me.” Carmelina Baccari


Coaching is the process of being guided through personal self discovery work that aims to see and shift limiting patterns that are no longer serving you.  The purpose of coaching is to create an actionable plan that gets you the results you want to see in all areas of your life. The coaching method I use is a blend of Subconscious Restructuring, Cognitive Behavioural Applications, Integrative Health Coaching and CHEK Nutritional Coaching.


It is not advice; my team and I will not tell you what to do, we will teach you tools to navigate toward your desired result(s);

It is not a campaign to make 'them' wrong and you 'right';

It is not therapy; it is not talk therapy;  and 

It is not another 'new age' coaching system without an anchor to science or psychology.


Hali is a facilitator of the Integrative Health Coach Institute's Coaching Program.  The IHCI offers three coaching programs.  They are online and offered on a self-study basis, with the support of Hali and Dr. Randi Raymond.  Your options are:

  • The 12 Month (min) Integrative Health Coach Program

  • The 6 Month (min) Nutritional Coach Program

  • The 6 Month (min) Emotional and Cognitive Coach Program


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