The right conversation with the right guide has the power to shift the limiting patterns buried deep within our subconscious. These are the patterns that continuously give us the results we are not seeking.



Hali Love's Coaching is the process of being guided through personal self discovery work that aims to see and shift limiting patterns that are no longer serving you.  The purpose of the unique coaching method that Love uses is to create an actionable plan that gets you the results you want to see in all areas of your life. Love blends her trainings in Subconscious Restructuring, Cognitive Behavioural Applications, Integrative Health Coaching and CHEK Nutritional Coaching.


It is not advice; my team and I will not tell you what to do, we will teach you tools to navigate toward your desired result(s); It is not a campaign to make 'them' wrong and you 'right';

It is not therapy; it is not talk therapy;  and 

It is not another 'new age' coaching system without an anchor to science or psychology.


Contact Hali Love to schedule your consultation, which is discussion on your Personal Development Goals. Subsequently, your first session will be scheduled. Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length, and are charged at a rate of $150 USD per session, which includes a free consultation.  Package rates are available.


Contact Hali Love to discuss your options for your personalized, private mentorship retreat in Costa Rica OR ONLINE. Get mentored on how to balance your emotions, get balanced in your nutrition by discovering what foods actually work for your individual body type, get tools to help you  reach the goals you want in all areas of life; including all of your relationships; OR get mentored in yoga; your practice and or your teaching (if you are a yoga teacher); OR get business coaching.


New You

A 4-week personal development program that launches each new moon, to harnesses the powerful energy of release and manifestation.

The 6 Bodies

Learn the 6 Bodies Theory, learn how to balanced your 6 bodies and learn how to recognize and work with blocks within each body.

Health Coach

Become a Health Coach with Hali Love's and Dr. Randi Raymond's Integrative Health Coach Institute's 12 month long program.

Intro to Ayurveda

Learn the history and basics of Ayurveda.  Receive your Ayurveda E Book, questionnaires, and the tools to create your own Ayurvedic Balancing Plan.

Personal Development

A 3 Month program where you will dive deep into the first two modules of our Personal Development Facilitator Program.  For those who want to deepen their own healing journey.

Yamas & Niyamas

Learn The Yamas and Niyamas comprise the first two limbs of Patanjali's “Eight Limbs of Yoga”, that provide an eight step process of yoga in its’ entirety. 

Personal Development


Become a personal development facilitator.  Experience all of the personal development tools, learn hose to coach your clients and build your Coaching Business! A 5 month Program.

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