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May you be happy.  May you be healthy. May you be free. May you be loved. 

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I owe it all to one woman: Mrs. Jenni Chinski.  She was one of my first yoga students at my very first yoga studio: Yogadown Okotoks, which I opened in 2007.  One day after class she asked me why I didn't do yoga teacher training.  I told her I hadn't really given it any thought..  She said "Well I think you should!".  A few months went by and she asked me again and had convinced a few other people to "ask" me as well.  During the next months I had people requesting a yoga teacher training nearly on a daily basis.  Consistency pays off!  I then created my yoga school.  Born from passion, and a lot of persistence from my beautiful students.  I see it as the universe at work.  You can visit my school's website here: www.multistyleyoga.com.  If  you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you Jenni.  You helped my dream of supporting and inspiring others to come true. Forever grateful.. Much Love. Hali

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