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An in Costa Rica & Virtual Retreat
Friday January 20 - Sunday January 22, 2023


About this retreat

This retreat was created out of a request from my students for material used to create balance within the human emotional body.  As humans, we were designed to feel emotions and express them.  The problem is that most of us were not allowed to express certain emotions as a child, and have therefore created unhealthy patterns regarding our emotions that are now affecting our adult lives. 


During this retreat, you will learn simple, yet effective tools taken from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Psychology that can be used to bring balance and grace to your emotional body.  The result? 


✔️ Effective communication skills

✔️ Increased confidence & clarity 

✔️ Healthier relationships 

✔️ A deeper connection to acceptance & forgiveness  

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Friday - Sunday Schedule: 


6am Walk to beach for meditation (in Costa Rica Participants, recorded for virtual)

9-1030am All Levels Emotional Healing Yoga Practice & Meditation @ Playa Negra Yoga Studio (+ virtual)

11-1pm In studio discussion @ Playa Negra Yoga Studio (+virtual)

530pm Sunset beach meditation, journalling assignment  (in Costa Rica Participants, recorded for virtual)


What you get:


  • Your pre-retreat package, including podcasts and video presentations on The Geometry of Emotions

  • 3 x Ninety-minute Emotional Healing Yoga & Meditation Classes

  • 3 x two-hour Emotional Healing Presentations, Exercises & Discussions

  • 3 x guided beach meditations and journalling assignments

  • Access to retreat activities & recordings

  • Your post-retreat package, which includes tips on how to integrate your tools into your life back home

  • Connection to an amazing global community   

Investment $299  USD