"Join me for one of my curated online programs! Each program has been long contemplated, well planned and executed with heart.  Each topic is a life-time study of mine. I hope to inspire you as much as I was inspired during the creation of each program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.    Much love: Hali"

All programs can be registered with The International Yoga Alliance for your Continuing Education Hours.

New You

A 4-week personal development program that focuses on enhancing your connection and creation within The 6 Areas of Life: Love, Health, Wealth, Self Image, Career and Creation.

Emotional Evolution

A 3 Month program where you will dive deep into the first two modules of our Personal Development Facilitator Program.  For those who want to deepen their own healing journey.

Yamas & Niyamas

Learn The Yamas and Niyamas comprise the first two limbs of Patanjali's “Eight Limbs of Yoga”, that provide an eight step process of yoga in its’ entirety. 

Personal Development


Become a personal development facilitator.  Experience all of the personal development tools, learn hose to coach your clients and build your Coaching Business! A 5 month Program.

The 6 Bodies

Learn the 6 Bodies Theory, learn how to balanced your 6 bodies and learn how to recognize and work with blocks within each body.

Health Coach

Become a Health Coach with Hali Love's and Dr. Randi Raymond's Integrative Health Coach Institute's 12 month long program.

May you be loved  May you be free  May you be well