Dr. Randi Raymond and Hali Love created The Integrative Health Coach Institute in 2012.  The institute was initially born to offer high quality, well-rounded and complete health and wellness retreats from cleansing programs, rehab programs, disease recovery and self/personal development retreats.  One year later, after many successful retreats, Hali & Randi created an extensive health coach training and personal development training program. 


The Integrative Health Coach Institute (IHCI) offers 3 programs for those who wish to become certified wellness facilitators.  All programs are offered online via  a self-study basis, with minimum time period requirements.  Hali Love and Dr. Randi Raymond provide unlimited E support along the way. 


The 10 Month (min) Integrative Health Coach Program with Dr. Randi Raymond and Hali Love

The 5 Month (min) Nutritional Health Coach Program with Dr. Randi Raymond

The 5 Month (min) Personal Development Facilitator with Hali Love (see below)


You can become a Personal Development Facilitator with Hali Love's portion of the complete 1o-Month Integrative Health Coach Institute Program.   This will take you a minimum of  6 months to complete. Upon completion, you can register for your curated practicum; which will develop your coaching skills, PD niche and business creation.

If you already have a successful business and you wish to implement your PD Facilitator skills into that business, you are able to exclude the Business Building Module and complete your program in 5 months.


During this program you will dive into your own personal development practice and extensively explore each of the tools that you will subsequently learn how to guide your clients through.   The intention for this program is for you to experience each of the tools, so you are well equipped to personally anchor down and practice each tool, as well as powerfully guide your clients in the right direction through their own powerful personal development journey.  Hali Love and Dr. Randi truly believe in walking-the-talk.  They receive feedback about their trained coaches that they have a special grounded and safe energy.  They believe the best facilitators are able to access this energy at anytime.  The tools presented in this program will not only get you there, but they will support your own personal PD practice.  

It is important to note that a Personal Development Facilitator is not ​ a "life coach, therapist, or counsellor". They are not permitted to give advice or therapy of any kind (unless you have other training(s) to do so).  It is also important to note that this training is not another 'new age' coaching system. Every tool presented is anchored to science and psychology.


Personal Development Facilitator Training Program with Hali Love:



$3,190.00 USD, which is 50% of the total IHCI Program Investment.

Foundational Theories

Emotional Healing

Personal Development Coaching &  Facilitation

Business Building

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$1,999.00 USD

Foundational Theory & Emotional Healing Modules

Perfect for those looking to dive into their own intensive 3-month personal development journey.  Should you decide at a later date that you wish to become a PD Facilitator, you can use these credits toward your final program completion.

$975.00 USD

Personal Development Facilitation

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of the Foundational Theory & Emotional Healing modules and exams. You will have access to our coaching forms (through the Integrative Health Coach Institute website), and learn how to facilitate the delivery of each of the tools you have experienced in the previous modules to individuals and groups.

$975.00 USD

Personal Development Facilitator Business Building

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of the Foundational Theory, Emotional Healing and Personal Development Facilitation modules and exams.   You will create a successful business plan and brand around your new offering as a PD Facilitator. 



Integrative Wellness Coach Program with Hali Love and Dr. Randi Raymond:

$5,880.00 USD, plus required text books.  Should you wish to take Hali's portion first, and decide at a later date to complete the other half of the full program, you are permitted to do so, for the additional 50% investment (plus the required text books).



Your Pura Vida Practicum with Hali Love

$2,500.00 USD for your All Inclusive Pura Vida Practicum in Costa Rica; this is optional, and may be arranged at another location; costs may vary.


Foundational Theory Module


During this module, you will undertake an in-depth study of your 6 Bodies; you will dive into the meaning of balance and how you can achieve and sustain balance within each of your 6 Bodies, and begin to explore the 5 Areas of Life. You will receive a short theory video, as well as 6 mindful meditations aimed to connect you to each of the 6 bodies. You will also receive questionnaires and assignments that will be submitted each week. You will learn the importance of balance, and learn how to achieve and maintain and macro picture on all bodies to obtain sustainable balancing practices.

Time Length: 6 - 8  weeks.


Emotional Healing Module

We all need emotional healing in one way or another. We believe that in order to sustain emotional healing, and refrain from reverting back to limiting past patterns, a deep excavation of one's foundation must take place.  This involves "shining the flash light in the dark corners of our being", in order to get very clear on what an individual's limiting beliefs are, where they came from and also what the individual's core-values and core purpose in life are. From here, we can discover what emotions are stuck and use the appropriate tools to commence the Emotional Healing process in a holistic, balanced and sustainable manner.. Each week you will move deeper into the Areas of Life with review of your weekly PDF booklet (4 total), and submit your weekly a assignments. You will further explore the tool of Mindful Meditation throughout this module.  During week 4, you will listen to a daily meditation (7 total), and complete an assignment regarding your meditation experience.​ You will see and connect all of the tools you have acquired thus far in your training!

Time Length: 4 weeks.

Personal Development Facilitation Module

In this module you will review all of the tools you have learned in the Emotional Healing portion of your program, and learn how to successfully guide your clients through the tools. During this module, you will be introduced to our Coaching Forms and begin to work on your case studies.  You will learn how to screen your clients, to ensure they are a fit for you.  During this module you will also learn PD Facilitation and team building techniques and exercises for groups and Corporate Clients, as well as learn how to deal with "the difficult group member" and with individual resistance.  We will complete this module with Coaching Ethics and Effective Communication Skills.

Time Length: 4 weeks.

Business Building Module 

This module is all about providing you with tools to set yourself up for a successful coaching business and/or support to incorporate your new PD Facilitation practice into your already established business.  These topics are optional and include:

Marketing 101: 

Creating your unique brand

Social media

How to write your own book

Abundant business planning

Successful networking

Building your team

Building your client list

Creating your niche

Workshop and retreat design tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts.

Simple and Professional Website Creation:

If you need a website, you will create one with our support.  You will be required to provided professional photos (if you decide to schedule your practicum, we can arrange a photoshoot with a professional photographer (in Costa Rica or at any other location you choose).  You will be responsible for any disbursements, ie: photographer costs, website platform upgrades, domain purchase(s) and any stock photo costs. 

Time Length: 1-4 weeks

Pura Vida Practicum (optional)

This two-week, all inclusive practicum in Costa Rica includes:


13 nights accommodations at our Costa Rica Retreat Location;

3 healthy meals each day, starting with dinner on day 1 and ending with breakfast on day 14;

Study, including working with real clients;​ shadowing our coaches at work /  completion of your case studies; completion of your Module 4​

Creation of your individual coaching formats and meditations.​

Personal self study, feedback program and using the tools for self coaching.

Administration of your final exam (practical, oral and written); and

Your graduation ceremony dinner and celebration!

If you wish to complete your practicum at another location with Hali Love, this can be arranged; prices may vary.

Time Length: 2 weeks.

 Additional Modules Required To Complete The 10 Month Program 

The Integrative Medical Approach​

Food As Medicine, Based On Modern Nutrition

Nutritional and Physical Health Coaching Facilitation

May you be loved  May you be free  May you be well