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(one year ago)...Planting Roots At 41

Today I turn 41...and I am finally planting roots and building a house ! The foundation is one of unshakeable courage that runs deep down to the core of the earth. Beautiful memories of family and friends, and friends who became family decorate the walls; all of which are carved from ancient wisdom, quietly passed down, whisper by whisper by thousands of generations before me.  The paint is subtle, yet protective and wards off any negative, disruptive or unwanted energy. This  house is very safe, for it is protected by guides and angels from afar, of whom gently guide all who enter toward their highest, most pure, most selfless self. The ceiling is created from tiny little stars of hope and ambition - always twinkling, ever ready to be discovered, even on the coldest, darkest and most lonely nights. The lights hang delicately from the ceiling like big beautiful soulful eyes that are able to see good within each and every situation. In the middle is a giant fireplace that burns away impurities; past hurt, illusion and expectation.  Each window is made from the most clear and absolute form of understanding; no true vision can ever be obstructed.  The front door is a  masterpiece for it is crafted from the most pure and genuine heart energy - which is available to give freely, without any expectation in return; it is unconditional, it is forgiving, and it is available to anyone who comes knocking in good faith. The roof represents an ever-knowing, unwavering trust that is supported by beams of unbreakable, unconditional love. There are 5 giant steps to the front door, they are made from giant slabs of 1) inner beauty that is capable of conquering limiting thoughts and patterned beliefs 2) accountability and responsibility; the step to everlasting freedom 3) grace and acceptance; imperative for anything to heal 4) responsible expression; needed to keep the house clean; and 5) the highest form of vibration: gratitude... so grateful 🙏🏼 I am building my spiritual house...I am building me… at 41 years young. 

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