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WEEK 2 | New Year New You

Journal Questions

Please note: This week, you are required to start a new journal or folder called "CELEBRATION".
DAY 1 | What If Created This Outcome?

Look at each of your answers for the past 7 days, and closely examine each answer. As you do so, ask the following questions: 

  • How did I create this situation? 

  • What was my part? 

  • What would I like to change about my role in the creation of each outcome?


DAY 2 | Magic Wand

If you could wave a magic wand within each of your relationships, what would each one look like? Be detailed, but stay on point.


DAY 3 | Relationship Goals

Create 1 - 3 goals for each relationship. Create a plan to execute each goal, including how it will be communicated, and how the goal will be reached and how it will be maintained. 


DAY 4 | Execute The Goal!

Start the execution of your goals. Upon completion, celebrate each goal, and record how you celebrate; how you felt before and after celebrating.  Record this in your celebration journal.

DAY 5 | Physical Body

How true are the below statements? Please explain why you feel your answer is true or untrue, or the parts thereof:

  • I feel 100% satisfied with my physical body.  

  • I love looking at my body.

  • I love my features.

  • I am satisfied with my height.

  • I am satisfied with my weight.


DAY 6 | Mental Body

Revisit the limiting thoughts you have about yourself, and answer the following:

  • Which thought is no longer acceptable? 

  • What tangible act can you do to replace that negative thought pattern?


DAY 7 | Emotional Body

How true is the below statement? Please explain why you feel your answer is true or untrue, or the parts thereof: 

  • I feel balanced within all of my emotions: fear, anger, sadness, envy or discontentment, joy, contentment, meaning I  have expression exercises for each one, and I do not feel that one emotion is better than another.  

  • Which emotion do you tend to hold on to the most ie. never or rarely express?

  • Which emotion do you express freely and the most, why do you feel this is?  

  • What is your plan to clean up and subsequently maintain your emotional garden?  

  • From your second week, which thought do wish to leave behind?






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