WEEK 3 | New You

Journal Questions

DAY 1 | Emotional Expression

Execute your plan from Day 7 of Week 2 and answer the following questions:

  • How did you feel before your expression?

  • How did you feel after your expression?

  • Create a plan moving forward to continue to create more balance within your emotional body.


DAY 2 | Energetic Body
  • How do you feel you impact those around you energetically?

  • Are you satisfied with this impact?

  • How do you wish to change your energetic impact?

  • Are you able to connect to the energy of those around you?

  • What happens when you feel someone has intense or negative energy?

  • How do you cleanse your energy?


DAY 3 | Relationship Goals

Create 1 - 3 goals for each relationship. Create a plan to execute each goal, including how it will be communicated, and how the goal will be reached and how it will be maintained. 


DAY 4 | Mental Body

Revisit your mental body.

  • How well are you doing with retraining your thoughts?

  • Do you need to shift or change your commitment in any way? If not, create a new thought to retrain.

DAY 5 | Intellectual Body

What is your greatest insights (or learnings) from this program so far? Please describe in detail.

DAY 6 | Spiritual Body
  • How are you most able to connect to your third intelligence: your heart, feeling mind or intuition?

  • How do you feel you can greater connect to this intelligence?

  • Is there a daily practice or ritual that you feel you can do in order to really connect to your intuition?

  • From your third week, which thought do wish to leave behind?

DAY 7 | Bringing Balance

For today, when your mind starts to get busy, or you find yourself rushing, or stuck in a pattern that you wish to change, take a few minutes to check in with your 6 bodies. You can do this in writing. Choose one or two words to describe each body, and then continue on with your day. At the end of the day, note your insights or new learnings.





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May you be loved  May you be free  May you be well