WEEK 4 | New You

Journal Questions

DAY 1 | Wealth & Finances
  • How happy are you with your wealth and finances? 

  • Are there any areas where you can cut spending ie. areas that you over spend? 

  • Are there any unhealthy patterns that you are contributing to financially?  

  • Create a plan to start saving a certain dollar amount each month. If you already do that, visit your investments - how healthy are the returns? 

  • Do you feel ethical in your spending and investments? What are you insights from today’s questions? 


DAY 2 | Self Image
  • Now having visited the 6 bodies, what is your overall self image of yourself? 

  • How do you feel about your physical body? 

  • Has anything changed since you answered that question on day 12? 

  • How do you feel about your balance within your emotions and thoughts?  

  • How do you feel about your agility within your emotions and your ability to communicate? 

  • How well connected to your intuition do you feel?  

  • Are you satisfied with your energetic impact on others and your ability to read other’s energy? 


DAY 3 | Impact
  • Who do you feel comfortable in asking for feedback regarding your overall impact on others? 

  • How do you feel would be the best way to ask for this feedback? 


DAY 4 | Career
  • How satisfied do you feel within your employment? 

  • Are there any changes you wish to make? 

  • Are there any changes you can make within your ability to communicate within your workplace? 

  • Are you able to create a plan to better care for your 6 bodies within your place of employment? 


DAY 5 | Final Commitments
  • What final commitments would you like to make for each of the 6 Areas of Life? 

  • Create a list of commitments, and a plan to execute each one.

DAY 6 | Celebration Plan, Insights
  • Record all of your successes from this program (in your Celebration Journal).  

  • Review ALL of your success and celebrations.  

  • What are ALL of your insights from this program? 

  • What is your biggest take away from this program?   

  • Create a final celebration for the NEW YOU!  

  • From your 4th week, which thought do wish to leave behind? 


DAY 7 | Celebration Execution

Go and celebrate!  Share you celebration in our forum, and also record it in your celebration book! 





Tonglen Meditation (Give & Receive)Rhoni Straub
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Universe MeditationRhoni Straub
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May you be loved  May you be free  May you be well