Week 1 Journal Questions


DAY 1 | Balancing The 6 Areas of Life

  • Which of the 6 Areas of Life do you feel most balanced in and why?

  • Which of the 6 Areas of Life do you feel the least balanced in and why? 



DAY 2 | Relationship with Self


How true are the below statements (please elaborate on your answers):

  • I love myself fully and completely. 

  • I feel balanced and proud of all parts, of my past and my present. 

  • I feel peace within my emotional state. 

  • I am happy with my thoughts about myself and about others.

  • I am not a judgmental person.

  • I do not feel better than anyone, nor do I feel less than anyone.



DAY 3 | Thought Awareness


  • What are the limiting thoughts you have about yourself? 


DAY 4 | Listening Awareness


  • How well do you feel you listen to others?

  • How well do you listen to yourself?

  • What is the quality of your listening?

  • Do you listen to reply?

  • Do you curiously exploring what your speaker has to say (or what your own thoughts are)?

  • Do you interrupt often? (please explain when you interrupt)

  • How is your body language and eye contact while listening? 


DAY 5 | Communication Awareness


Look at some of your relationships where conflict has arose:

  • How have you communicated in those situations?

  • How aligned were your 3 intelligences within that communication? 

  • What can you do to clean up your communication?



DAY 6 | Awareness About Relation With Others


  • Which of your relationships do you feel is the most successful and why?

  • Which relationships do you feel are least successful and why? 



DAY 7 | Importance of Accountability


  • How do you define the word accountability (use your own definition, no google necessary)?

  • From your first week, which thought(s) do wish to leave behind? 

May you be loved  May you be free  May you be well