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JAN 5 - 8, 2020

Playa Negra Yoga Retreat Costa Rica


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Join me for your Yin and Yoga Nidra Yoga Teacher Training!  Experience the benefit of Yin Philosophy including the study of the Meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and learn the healing western science behind the 11 stages of Yoga Nidra. 


Teachers whom already have their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate.  If you are interested in attending only the retreat portion - no experience is necessary.



This program can be used as continuing education credits for those who already have their 200 Hour Yoga Certificate through the International Yoga Alliance.


  • Yin Yoga History 

  • What is Yin Yoga

  • The 4 Tattvas of Yin Yoga 

  • Yin Yoga Postures 

  • Yin Yoga Anatomy 

  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga

  • Powerful Teaching 

  • The 5 Human Emotions

  • Activities to Overcome Emotional Imbalance 

  • Yin Yoga Safety 

  • Meridians 

  • Organs 

  • Implementing The Elements Into Asana 

  • Yin Yoga Sequences 

  • Yin Yoga Anatomy 


  • Yoga Nidra​​

  • The science of Yoga Nidra (neuroplasticity & nervous system regulation

  • The stages of Yoga Nidra

  • Understanding the Kosha’a (5 subtle bodies)

  • Creating Sankalpa

  • Yoga Nidra as a meditative practice

  • Developing scripts and finding your voice

  • Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Nidra

  • Intentions and Visualization and how this shapes the practice

  • Neuroscience perspectives

  • Yoga nidra traditions

  • Your Yoga Nidra manual and Yoga Nidra  Script Cards

  • Modern variations of Yoga Nidra

  • Hypnosis concepts

  • Understanding your clients’ needs

  • Yoga nidra for general audiences

  • Yoga nidra for special populations

  • Developing your own long and short Yoga Nidra scripts

  • Props and classroom settings

  • Practice putting learned skills into action

  • Developing a home yoga nidra practice; this includes MP3 Downloads for personal practice

  • How to tailoring Yoga Nidra for specific individuals and groups — including hospice, first responders, nurses, pre-natal and many more

  • How to develop one on one sessions

  • Ongoing support from the MSYI Founders 

  • The historical, biological and psychological foundations of Yoga Nidra

  • Current research on the therapeutic impact of Yoga Nidra​

  • Yoga Nidra combines the power of biofeedback, visualization, meditation and energetic healing. The extensive healing and therapeutic impact of Yoga Nidra has been widely accepted by health professionals and has been adopted in many hospital settings and integrative medical services across North America.


Some of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga Nidra can include


  • Improved sleep

  • Neutralizing PTSD triggers

  • Boosts to serotonin levels

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Muscle tension and pain relief

  • Enhanced immune system function

  • Blood sugar level stabilization

  • Increased alpha/theta brainwaves (rest and digest, creativity and memory)

  • At the end of this course you will have a deeper understanding of the skills needed to teach groups and individuals (including children) and the confidence to offer others the gift of Yoga Nidra


  • You can expect to leave your Yin and Yoga Nidra Program with the necessary tools to teach empowering, heartfelt, yin and yoga nidra classes to your students of all ages, shapes, sizes and level of experience. 



40 Hour Certification Program $695 usd

40 Hour Retreat  $395 usd

Meal and Accommodation Package $399 usd

  • Includes your shared accommodations; single available upon request and for an additional fee

  • 3 healthy gluten and dairy free meals per day

  • unlimited organic coffee and tea

  • A delicious fresh smoothie for snack each afternoon

My YTT experience with Hali Love was transformational. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is awe-inspiring. She leads by example and brings her truest self forward in every moment. In this course, I discovered the importance of self-love and healing through emotional expression and communication. With Hali’s close guidance, I explored yoga beyond just the physical practice and learned how to realign my mind, body, and soul." Josie​
"I went to teacher training not wanting to be a teacher, but to further my practice. I had no idea what to expect. I was expecting asana practice. A lot of it. And with two hours of practice every day, I definitely got it. But there was SO much more. One thing Hali said that resonated with me the most was "Anyone can memorize a sequence. It's who you become along the way that people are going to be attracted to. It's your most authentic self that will draw people to you. Not only filling your classes, but filling your life". And that is where the journey began. What I learned about myself during my 200 hour teacher training completely turned my world around. I began to live outside my little bubble and started to see the bigger picture." Stef​
"There was a measurable shift in my life ~ my practice ~ my yoga offering after Hali's 200 Hour Teacher Training with Multi Style Yoga! Each style of yoga has a different impact in our bodies and on our mats. Hali shares her immense knowledge freely and empowers you to make authentic choices. There is something very special about MSYI!" Laurel
"I was guided from love and truth during my 200 Hour YTT.  Since my program, I have learned so much about myself and how my way of being was radiating into my world! I'm leaving my pattern of procrastination behind and have moved into action! I have gratitude for MSYI." Danna​
"My experience at yoga teacher training with Multi Style Yoga and Hali Love was simply incredible. By day 2 it was clear that this was something EVERYONE should experience. By day 16 my body, mind and spirit were so open, connected and so ready to keep learning. Hali created spaced for dialogue, new thoughts and change. I am a carpenter and never having the thought that I would teach yoga, I originally went to yoga teacher training for personal development. I had been witness to my wife’s transformation with Hali. So I had some idea of what to expect but my expectations were blown out of the water." John



Playa Negra Yoga Retreat offers two styles of accommodations: A boutique hotel experience and private villa accommodations.  Each location has access to our onsite pool, indoor yoga shala and outdoor aerial yoga shala, wifi, and to our Cafe. You are only a 7 minute walk to the beautiful beaches!

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