ZOOM ID: 969 060 8193

Tuesday June 2

730AM Yin Yoga

60 Minutes: Bring your blocks and bolsters (or stack of books and pillows)


Wednesday June 3

730AM Multi Barre 

30 minutes


Thursday June 4

8AM Gentle Hatha

60 minutes


ZOOM ID: 969 060 8193

 100% of proceeds of all 30 minute yoga and multi barre classes are donated to our local community relief program in Los Pargos Guanacaste Costa Rica.  This relief program purchases food for local community members in need. 

I am grateful to be in a position to give in these times of uncertainty.  I, like so many others have reported, go through waves of fear and sadness, however I turn to my practices to keep myself grounded; all of which are anchored in gratitude.  With everything going on right now in the world, it is so important to be grateful for what we do have, and to show love.  I am beyond grateful for the connection with beautiful friends, colleagues and neighbours who reach out to say hello and check in or simply send a funny joke (you know who you are - thank you SO much); and I love our zoom hangouts!


It is also important to remember that generosity is a form of love.  Some are fortunate to give money, and others are fortunate to give time and offer their special gifts to the world.  Those of you who know me personally know that I absolutely adore teaching (and learning), and sharing.  These classes and my entire virtual studio offerings are meant for that - to share and to inspire.  As a completely imperfect being, humble on this human journey, who is learning each and every day, I am committed to my own personal growth and to sharing the tools along the way.

I offer each class from my heart and I hope you will join me and spread the word.  I currently have two teacher trainings running online.  Some students have offered their teacher training classes for donation as well; the names are listed below.


May you be loved  May you be free  May you be well